Teach Private Lessons Here

Orchard Music Studios is a unique music school.  We are focused on teacher and student freedom.  Teachers, after passing through a screening process, are invited to sublease their space to teach at Orchard.  Teachers create their own schedules usually picking one or two days a week to teach lessons.  There is a flat low monthly rental rate for the day or days they pick.  The rental period is on going but always concludes May 31.  Teachers are free to charge a rate for their lessons that allows them to protect the value of their time.  Teachers communicate with students directly and teach governed by their own policies. Since it is important that our teachers are successful, we will recruit and give you leads for students so you can establish your studio.  Orchard For information on teaching at the Orchard or using the Orchard facilities please contact Monica Schwartz.

Need a Space for Your Event?

Need rehearsal space? Need a place to record or rehearse with an acoustic piano? Need a space for a studio class, small recital, or masterclass? Our 800 square foot large teaching space is open and ready for you! Contact us for availability.

Next Steps...

Contact Orchard Music to find out more information about teaching here or space use!